Summer is probably the season that passes the fastest – I’m never in a hurry for it to end, and I’m always impatient for it to arrive! I try to make the most of this season of sunshine, heat and ice cream by being outdoors as much as possible. I have found THE solution to get the most out of summer: integrate outdoor elements into the home (outside in), and vice versa! Here are a few tips and inspirations:

Outside in 

In your home, add the following decorative elements in your common areas and bedrooms : 



Brightly coloured decorative elements

For even more ambiance, change the pictures in your frames to brightly coloured photos and summer landscapes.

Inside out

For more comfort outdoors, incorporate some objects from your home on your balcony, on your deck or in your backyard :

Cushions, banquettes

More intimate lighting

An outdoor carpet

Follow these tips and you can make your deck as comfortable as your living room, and have a touch of sunlight in your home, even on the greyest days. In conclusion, I wish you a very sunny summer!