South Shore Workplace is our brand new line of products designed especially for professionals. It contains 4 new collections which all meet the needs of workers. In this article, we make you discover in pictures all the types of furniture that make up these new collections.

Work desks and L-shaped desks - plenty of storage, and integrated connection. Our L-shaped desks are all reversible and adapt to your workspace.

Electric sit-stand desks - ergonomics at its best. These desks can store up to three custom heights, and are equipped with hook-ups for cellphones and other electronic devices. They also have a hutch to put down the computer screen and free up the work surface.

The credenzas additional storage for your office supplies and printer, but also for the whole family's equipment

Filing cabinets on wheels -perfect for organizing documents and keeping them safe

All of these pieces of furniture are available in a variety of finishes and designs depending on the collection in which they are found. Strong point: you can easily adapt your work area according to your needs and mix and match between our different pieces of furniture to create a decor that suits you.

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