Decorating tips, tricks and tips to celebrate the baby's arrival

The baby shower is the key event to celebrate the arrival of baby and pamper future parents. Here are our top tips and advice to make this party unique.

1 - The organization

Usually, the shower organizer is someone very close to the mother, friend or relative. This takes care of coordinating and planning the activity by inviting all the friends and relatives of the future parents. Nowadays, it is sometimes even the mother who organizes her own shower.

We advise you to celebrate this event in the last trimester of pregnancy, between the 7thst and the 8st months in order to better prepare for the baby's arrival and not to be too last minute if the birth ever comes by surprise. Plan it in advance and surround yourself with a co-organizer!

2 - The decoration

Do you know the baby's gender or the look of his future bedroom? Why not decorate the event in this image. Need some inspiration? Here is a decorative article for your shower.

3 - The process

There is no such thing as a perfect baby shower formula. The party must be like the future parents. It can be an afternoon formula, a happy hour, a brunch, a small tapas evening or even a potluck where everyone brings their specialty. It's up to you to see which formula suits you best. What could be better than cookies and macaroons with friends? However, it is important to plan alcohol-free drinks for the mother-to-be. Discover our smoothie recipe by here.

During the shower, you can plan a few games or simply meet up with friends and exchange gifts. And why not play a symbolic game that will follow the child throughout his first years of life. Each guest writes a little note for the unborn child, which will be given to him at the age determined during a draw. Do you like the painting? here is a easy tutorial to make one yourself.

4 - What to give?

Don't forget the freebies! When we think of this kind of party we often have in mind to buy clothes or games for baby, but who wants 4 pink pajamas? Why not do something different and contribute as a group to buy essential items that parents will undoubtedly need? Here are our gift suggestions - Baby essentials:

One thing is certain, do it simply, happiness is in the simple things! Make way for real life.

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