In order to be as efficient as possible, it is essential to have a space that meets your needs. On the other hand, it is far from everyone who has a functional workstation at home or in the office. And at first glance, it's not always easy to pinpoint what we need to make our daily lives easier. To better enlighten you, South Shore Furniture shows you all the essentials you need to have a professional and practical space.

Charging for your nearby electronic devices

Today, we no longer just need a computer to work: most have to consult their cell phone or tablet regularly. Although many also work with a 2eor a 3e screen! To avoid running out of batteries or not being able to use your electronic devices because they are charging in another room, why not opt ​​for a desk with integrated charging? All our South Shore Workplace offices have a built-in or clip-on power bar, which contains standard and USB sockets. With them, all the necessary equipment remains nearby.

Secure file drawers

Many professions require you to juggle a large amount of files and paper documents. We think among others of lawyers, accountants, real estate agents or notaries. Very quickly, the office can become a real jumble of papers. This is far from ideal, especially if these documents are confidential. The trick is to choose a desk equipped with a file drawer that locks with a key to have a safe place to organize documents and keep them nearby. Otherwise, a good idea is to add a filing cabinet on casters or a credenza to your work area, like those in our collections TALIE, ZELIA, KOZACK or HELSY. These can contain two document formats: a more standard format, for letters (8,5’’x11’’), and another for legal papers (8,5’’x14’’).

A desk with hutch

Many professionals, especially in creative fields, need to use multiple displays or even larger computers, such as Macbooks. It can quickly clutter the workspace, especially if the office is not a large area. By having a desk with a hutch, you will have a new place to store all your screens, in addition to having access to additional storage below. Our L-shaped desks HELSY and our lifting tables South Shore Workplace offers such a configuration, which is as pretty as it is practical. With them, we take full advantage of the work surface for taking notes, making sketches, and any other related task. In addition, their hutch allows the screens to be installed at a more ergonomic height, for maximum comfort.

Storage… always more storage!

It's no secret that everyone needs storage. It not only allows you to be more organized, but also to be more efficient. For those who need to store binders, books and many other tools, the ideal solution and to have a desk with a diverse storage configuration, like the one in our collection ZELIA. Cabinets, adjustable shelves, drawers, open spaces… it is really practical. And if a desk is not enough, equip yourself with a credenza like those in our collections TALIE ou KOZACK. It can contain work supplies, but also school or DIY accessories for the whole family!

A place for your printer

A printer is essential. On the other hand, it is rather big and it can easily encroach on your work surface. The ideal is to have a dedicated place for the printer on the desk, like the one in our collection ZELIA. Lateral filing cabinets can also be a very useful solution. Their surface can accommodate your printer, and they provide storage for paper, ink and all other accessories.

Solid and quality furniture

It's important to make sure you have quality furniture that will last a long time. Since it's something you use every day, you definitely wouldn't want them to get scratched or broken after a few weeks of use. Instead, opt for desks for professionals with hard-wearing surfaces, like those in our South Shore Workplace range, which are made of melamine. In addition, they are guaranteed for up to 10 years!

For sure, if a workspace that contains these six essential features makes everyday life much easier, and will allow you to be even more efficient! Take a look at our new range of desks, which is specially designed for professionals. It is filled with furniture that will meet your daily needs.